Slaughter Daughters

sdlogoSlaughter Daughters are one of three Home Teams from Rideau Valley Roller Derby and the first team formed in the league.

The Slaughter Daughters are out for blood. The Daughters were ranked number one in 2012 and 2013 on the Canadian Roller Derby Ranking for home teams and they’re not ready to give that up. With their killer roster and coaching staff, the other RVRD home teams better watch their backs. Kill, Kill, Hate, Hate, Murder, Murder, Mutilate. not literally 😉

Roster of the 2017 Slaughter Daughters

Flossed Cause #11
Angel Poison #17
Jamie’s Got a Gun #182
Wreck Therapy #5
Anderson #69
IceTina #720
Wallace #77
Ann McCrashery #786
AustinTatious #91

Wanna play us?

Derby leagues interested in playing Rideau Valley can email our inter-league coordinator:

Slow Mo practice footage!