Riot Squad

riot-squad_layered_new_logo_FULLCOLOURRiot Squad is one of three amazing Home Teams belonging to Rideau Valley Roller Derby. Now this home team isn’t afraid to get a little rowdy. After battling it out with teams across Eastern Canada for the past few seasons, Riot Squad is ready to mess up any other RVRD home team that tries to stand between them and the Championship title.  The Daughters and Prime Sinisters best get ready to put up a fight. Let’s go RIOT!

Roster of the 2017 Riot Squad:

Coco Gadget #00
Trial by Fury #12
Lackey #25
Aqualung #515
Kiki VonCarnage #666
Belle & SeBLASTian #67
Amanda Pummeler #672
Red Headed for Trouble #7
Rosa Deadman #72

Wanna play us?

Derby leagues interested in playing Rideau Valley can email our inter-league coordinator: