2014 Season Scores

March 15th, 2014 – All-star team Double Header /  Home Opener
Game #1: Lumbersmacks (Moncton, NB) 366 – RVRG Sirens 40
Game #2: Misfits Militia (Alliston, ON) 126  – RVRG Vixens 168

March 16th, 2014 – closed hangover game at Carleton’s Norm Fenn Gym
Lumbersmacks (Moncton, NB) 98 – RVRG Vixens 185

April 12th, 2014 –  Double Header at Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena (Rockland, ON)
Game #1: RVRG Prime Sinisters 158 – RVRG Slaughter Daughters 130
Game #2:  Devil Dollies (Buffalo, NY) 172 – RVRG Sirens 134

Beast of the East 2014 – Home Team Tournament
April 26th & 27th / Arena St-Louis (Montreal, QC)

RVRG Riot Squad Results:
First game for RS at Beast 2014  (G2 Sat 8:40am)
Riot Squad: 32 – Montreal’s La Racaille: 117  (LOSS)

RS’s second game (G10 Sat 2pm)
Riot Squad: 66 –  Toronto’s Smoke City Betties: 36 (WIN)

RS’s third game  (G18 Sat 7:20pm)
Riot Squad: 89 – Montreal’s Filles Du Roi: 47 (WIN)

RS’s fourth game  (G22 Sun 11:40am)
Riot Squad: 70 – London’s Lunch Ladies: 57  (WIN)

RS’s fifth game (G25 Sun 1:40am)
Riot Squad: 68  – Quebec City’s Casse-Guelles: 75 (LOSS)

Game for 3rd place (G27 Sun 4pm)
Riot Squad: 131 – Montreal’s La Racaille: 148  (LOSS)

Riot Squad finish in 4th place.

RVRG Prime Sinisters Results:
First game for PS at Beast 2014 (G12 Sat 12:40pm)
Prime Sinisters: 75 – Quebec City’s Rouge et Gore: 61 (WIN)

PS’s second game (G15 Sat 5:20pm)
Prime Sinisters: 26 – Toronto’s Death Track Dolls: 55  (LOSS)

PS’s third game (G20 Sat 8:40pm)
Prime Sinisters: 57 – Slaughter Daughters: 21  (WIN)

PS’s fourth and final game (G21 Sun 11am)
Prime Sinisters: 46 – Quebec City’s Casse Gueules: 50  (LOSS)

RVRG Slaughter Daughters Results:
First game for SD at Beast 2014 (G5 Sat 10:40am)
Slaughter Daughters: 40 – London’s Forest City Lunch Ladies: 80 (LOSS)

SD’s second game (G14 Sat 4:40pm)
Slaughter Daughters: 60 – London’s Forest City Thames Fatales: 45 (WIN)

SD’s third and final game (G20 Sat 8:40pm)
Slaughter Daughters: 21 – Prime Sinisters: 57  (LOSS)


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